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Re: autoimmune illness and constant symptoms

I take valtrex only when necessary, which is usually 2-3 days prior to my period. I'm afraid my body will become immune to it, otherwise. And some if it's side effects, literally scared me! Otherwise, I take my "daily handful" of vitamins and supplements, just to boost my immune systems overall. Which really seems to be working for me. I was diagnoised approx. 16 mo ago, and had ob's every month up until 2 months ago and now, it's alot better. Not sure, if it's what I'm taking, my healthy changes or my body adjusting to the virus overall, but something seems to be working...(as she crosses her fingers & toes) Hope something here was helpful, Smiles -ShinyOrn.
P.S. I have HSV-2, gentially.

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