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I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this, but it seems to fit.

I've written about a few medical concerns on the boards the last few months. So far, the issues I have written about have all had positive outcomes for me, thank God. It all started with alleries/asthma, GERD and I'm in the process of determining what meds work for me, etc. More recently, I've had some bladder & gyno issues, but they've all been checked out by CT Scan and everything was negative. Yet every time I feel a twinge or pang in my body, I start to drum up possible causes. Even though I got a clean bill of heatlh, I wonder, could something have happened SINCE then? Or maybe they just missed something?

Now today I get to work, and find a message from a coworker telling me he's not coming in because his daughter is in the hospital all weekend due to having a seizure. My curiousity gets going, I start to look up what it is exactly, and then I can relate it to things I may or may not have felt myself. Now, I know i'm not making up symptoms just as I hear them. Like in this case, for a few months now, every so often I'd get a random smell of something in my head and as soon as I notice it, it's gone. It freaked me out because I heard that's a symptom of having a stroke. But then I figured it's just my mind being overactive. So now this morning, this happens with my coworker and I start to think again, maybe it IS something real with me? Do I run off to yet another doctor to have it checked?

My main problem is I'm having a hard time determining when to run to the doctor, or when to just chill and realize that the body often has pangs and twitches and it's completely normal. I've had bloodwork done recently for a physical, it was fine. My blood pressure is always good, my blood sugar is always good too. In fact I checked it myself the other day because I was feeling lightheaded for a day or so, and I have diabetes in my family both paternally and maternally, so I'm always cautious of bloodsugar. But after having breakfast, it was only 79. I've had a CT Scan of the pelvis and abdomen to rule out any bladder or kidney infections or stones when I was having some discomfort and frequent urination for a few days. Urine culture showed so infection, so we did the CT scan to be sure...all was negative. Nothing. These are all good things, I realize that. So why can't I just be HAPPY and not take focus on every twinge in my body?

I'm too obsessed with something happening, I know this is not normal but I don't how to stop it.

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