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Re: Hypochondria

I have a theory about what you are saying and I have felt too that I do the same things. I think in most places in the world we all have too much time, too much money and not enough physical exersize. We also are overstimulated by television and newspapers and each other. I did an experiment on this and took a whole year off at my job and went camping. I mean really camping. It worked! The pains and aches I had were never more than sore muscles that kind of thing. I had to survive if you know what I mean. I walked about 10 miles every day just to find food and water. I never looked at a TV or read a newspaper. After the year I had to give it up and went back into society I learned a little from this experiment. You can have an information overload, get away on weekends and live with nature if you can. You don't always have to be comfortable and nature never lies you are cold when it is cold and wet when it rains its a fact and you learn to live with it. It keeps you from dwelling on the things you can do nothing about. If you would like to hear more, I will write back on this subject.....