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Re: Am i underweight?

Being toned means burning fat off of a muscle so it becomes more visible. You're not going to get toned because you have no muscle to burn the fat off of if you can see your rib cage. Lift weights and put on some muscle. The cardio you do in soccer is more than enough to burn off any excess fat you may intake with food. But before you can burn away, you have to have something to burn the fat from. Trying to burn fat when you don't have muscle is going to make you into a skeleton. You need muscle. And please don't take putting on pure muscle as a way of me sayin you have to look like a bodybuilder. Usher, Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan all lifted weights. They have muscle but they are not huge. And putting on muscle is getting fit. No athlete regardless of sport ever achieves greatness without some sort of muscle and strength behind it.