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Exclamation Is this herpes???


Sorry guys... a very nervous person here. I feel like such a dog right now I dont know where to begin. I ask for help to you guys, because I know nothing.

I have in my penis nothing but there appears to be an irritation that happens only near the glans.. (to be exactly, since im circumcised, from the circumcision line up).

This irritation happens to coincide with 2 things. One, with the fact that I masturbated a little bit too much during last week and the week before that.

Second, with an inappropriate thing which I really much regret from a personal point of view. I had sex with this person. I wore a condom (kinda late to find out it wouldnt protect me from this thing) and I received oral sex (without the condom). I have a lot of guilt about this second point and is affecting me quite a lot already (add to that the most stressful week ever [last week])

Last friday I stopped masturbating, since then the condtion just feels irritated with no apparent (as of yet) signs of changing... perhaps for the better by wednesday im hoping.

Ive never tested before.

Is in a very particular area, but Im such a hypochondriac, that If i think of it hard enough, I can probably feel it.

I dont want to have this thing, but if I were to have it, what could I expect in the next couple of days?

Im not having sex right now... My partner knows about my irritation, and she says everything looks fine.... Im so sorry.

Again, I just survived a week of hell with a bunch of things, I just wanted to get over all this... but I guess karma decided that not this time.

Please help kinda figure out some things... even talking about this is good.

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