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Thanks for both your replies. To answer Verucah's stress question, yeah I believe I am stressed over all of this. But only because I can't find any solutions. Just when one symptom is relieved and given a clean bill of health, a new one pops up.

This is exactly the case right now. This morning I am suffering from on and off pain in my lower right pelvic area. I'm not ovulating because I just finished my period on Sunday (today is Tuesday). So the questions it my appendix? Cyst on my ovary? And if it's either of those, wouldn't the CT Scan I JUST had 2 weeks ago have shown that? That is my main concern right now. If they said my CT Scan was "all negative" I would assume that means they saw nothing inflamed, or wrong. Could something have happened between now and then, or did they miss something?

This pain I have now is real. Its not fabricated. I felt it a bit on Sunday night but figured it was just because I still had my period. I was fine all day Monday and now today, have the discomfort again. So do I run back to yet another doctor, or give it a few more days? Do I get a second opinion on the CT Scan, I really don't want to go through that again, unless of course I have to. And also, if I do see a doc again, which one? The gastro? The gyno?

As for Benzi's suggestion, that is really awesome and I wish I could do something of a similar nature. I'm not a nature person, but I would love to find SOME way to get away from the stresses of everyday life. I keep trying to explore meditation and relaxation sites and books, but I can't seem to get into that calming zone when I really need to. And now today, beause of this pain, I couldn't even read or enjoy my music this morning during my commute to work because the worry of "what could this be?" running through my mind.

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