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Re: Hypochondria

You are wearing yourself out "looking" for ways to relax. I have done all that and tried just about everything and the only way any of it ever worked was to start removing unneeded stimulation first. There is only so much room in a persons life and you have to pick the most important things to let in your life. Life is like a glass of water if you want to put more in an already full glass you have to pour a little out. Every person has a limit and every person's limit is different. Some people thrive on stress (or seem to) Some do not. I do not and maybe you do not either. I am a person who has to have a balanced life. In the light of the fact that I am a cancer survivor and also the survivor of a very bad car accident that did permenant damage to my body, this balance is hard to find and even harder to keep. I hope you may find your balance someday. I have a suggestion: look up EMPATH on the internet, you may be an empath, if you are it would explain a lot.