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Re: Is this herpes???

Herpes is a crazy virus and causes a wide variety of symptoms. No one has replied because we just don't know. The virus doesn't cause characteristic symptoms to the point where you would instantly know whether you have it or can be very mild and hardly noticeable, to very painful and hard to miss. It only causes a little tingling and itching in some, but others get painful lesions.

But from what you describe, I can tell you this: You DEFINITELY need to get tested because it is very possible that herpes is causing some of your symptoms.

- Itching and tingling are common symptoms
- Skin sensitivity which you describe is also common
- Bumps are another possible symptom, and no they don't always crust over or turn into sores
- Stomach pressure/diarhea is probably not is most likely caused by your anxiety which is understandable.

Anyway, based on these facts, you definitely need to be tested so that you can rule out herpes.