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Herpes or Not? Or what else?

Ok, doctors are terrible. 5 years ago I basically diagnosed myself knowing little about it. Told my family doctor what I had, and what medicine I wanted to take and in what strength. He agreed and that was that. Though I had no tests done or had any symptoms at the time of my visit. Initial symptoms where this... Painful urination and what at the time appeared to be the small blisters. I went to a clinic first and he said I had uninary tract infection but took swab of inside my urethra. I apparently didn't have anything. I had about 3 OBs since then. All were the exact same in style and place, in a location on penis that was "rough" after this particular sexual encounter. "Rough" as in I chaffed myself during intercourse (I think due to dryness). This is why I'm pretty sure of the person infecting me. I confronted her, to no avail, she denies. My question is, does it sound like herpes? I read up and it sounds more like Chancroid. But the pics I've seen are bad cases of it, not like mine. Mine have only been like 1-3 small spots but read almost the same as Chancroid. I take Valtrex (500mg) daily and haven't had anything in years. I took blood test today, 5 years later. New g-friend is worried too, thus test. What are some common misdiagnosis'?

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