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Re: How to compute for nutrional value?


You DO have fiber: 37 grams. The reason for the zeros is that second and third column represent CALORIES and fiber is calorie free...and sbdot is a SAINT indeed!

You MIGHT be able to soften them some by adding a couple Tbsp wheat flower and som Baking will raise them a bit and lighten the texture.

How many bars do you get from this preparation?

Unfortunately, you called it a PROTEIN really isn't; not with 53% of calories from carbs and 33% from fat.

OK...I have troble with the fat number:
I get 5 grams from the whole egg
65 grams from the PB
I don't see any other fat sources so I get 70 grams rather than sbdot's 96, a difference of 234 calories.
sbdot, what did I miss?

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