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What my husband suffers from

Hi all my husband was enlisted in Marine Recon during Desert Storm and he suffers from so much that I really have a hard time understanding it all at times. Though a lot of the posts I have read seem at times to be far more serious than some of the problems that he has, I sometimes wonder if there may be a lot that he doesn't tell me about. He has nightmares pretty much every night as well as many sleepless nights, he has told me that here as of lately he is seeing people in his nightmares that he is not sure where they are coming from. He has told me that he is remembering alot of things that are only in bits and pieces and some of it scares the hell out of him. He knows he has experienced some of it but he does know where or even why. He has breathing problems as well as memory loss for some of the simplest things at times. Some of his teeth are rotting away for no apparent reason at all. He takes such good care of his teeth that he should have the best ones around. He suffers from severe dandruff that is very hard to control. As well as the joint pain in his whole body. He has always told me he tries to suppress as much of his service time as he can, but every once in awhile he will talk about some of the things that he feels or remembers or has been through. It is so traumatic to him, he tries to be as tough about it as he can and deal with it but here lately it seems he is fighting this demon even more it is starting to really affect our marriage and I wish there were something that I could do. He is SCARED to death to go to doctors for fear that they will tell him he has some form of cancer or other disease that he will have to receive treatment for that will make him worse. He says he doesn't feel he could deal with that. He very rarely will even take a pill for headaches and relies on more herbal remedies to help with things rather then over the counter or prescriptions. I really feel that he has just suppressed some of these things for so long that they are starting to catch up with him and haunt him even worse. He is such a strong headed person and this is just really trying to get the best of him. I don't know what to do, he knows I support him if he wanted to ever get help but he just won't do it. He has told me that he feels the gov't has taken some of his memory,(a.k.a the manchurin canidate) He is just so unsure of so much, but other things that he is sure of are just amazing per say. I just always wondered if there was anyone else who suffered from maybe the same things or a spouse of someone who suffered from the same things. I just feel some kind of support would maybe help for a better understanding of what I can do for him to help him. His whole life has been so traumatic, but that war really got the best of him. I support all of our men and women who were there and are there, but I really feel for all that suffer from it. Really makes a person think about whether it is worth it or not!! Thanks for listening

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