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Re: can i have children? doesn't mean that at all!!! Herpes does not prevent pregnancy. It can cause complications for newborns, as it did for mine, but honestly it is very rare and the highest risk is to babies born to mothers who contract hsv during late pregnancy and don't know they have it. If she does have herpes and later gets pregnant, then her risk of passing the infection onto her baby is as low as 1%! That is very low when you consider the risk of other conditions! Ways to protect your baby-to-be include avoiding activities which could infect mom during pregnancy (if she doesn't have herpes already), being candid with her doctor about her hsv status, physically pointing to and showing her doctor where her outbreaks occur, being aware of prodrome symptoms (burning, tingling, itching, etc), and discussing her doctor's stance on suppressive therapy during pregnancy. Typically, moms with herpes can even have a healthy vaginal delivery! Surgical deliveries are only indicated if there is an active outbreak or prodrome symptoms at the time of delivery!

Your odds of having happy healthy children are really good! Please try not to let that worry you!
Mom to two HSV-1 survivors!