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Re: I don't want to have surgery

outbreaks don't pose a risk to your baby until you deliver. if you have an outbreak at that time, then you really must deliver surgically. as for being stripped of the experience, you are going to experience your child birth regardless of how you deliver. And honestly, childbirth is going to be what you make out of it. even without herpes, any number of situations could arise that required a surgical birth or a delivery totally different from what you anticipated, and that's okay! The whole goal is to have a healthy baby, and I am quite confident that if it took a csection to get you there that you would feel no less amazed by your accomplishment than if you had delivered vaginally. I won't tell you how my delivery went, it's one of those horror stories people like to volunteer when you are pregnant that drives women nuts! Why do people share that stuff? But anyway, it did NOT go as any mom would have liked! But, even with all the complications and scares, I honestly don't feel like i missed out on a thing! The only thing I regret was that I was so ill when I delivered...the meds they had to give me made it hard for me to understand what was happening at the time. But i understand it now and I couldn't have possibly asked for anything better!

as for the meds, your doctor will help you to balance the risk. yes, there MAY be a risk to the baby with the meds even though there aren't any documented yet. But there definately IS an very real risk to the baby if you have an outbreak near delivery. Trust me, neonatal herpes is an awful awful disease! I personally would have done anything to prevent it in my boys had we known about it. If your doctor recommends suppresive therapy, then I would highly suggest you follow his/her treatment plan. After all, you chose your doctor b/c you had trust in her to protect your little one, so let him/her do it!

I am sorry that you are dealing with this. Please remember that the risks are very low as long as you don't have an outbreak. Remember, stress is one of the best ways to bring on an outbreak! So please try and relax! When it's all said and done, what matters most is a healthy baby, no matter how it meets the world. You can do this!
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