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Question 3 months after MVA, and MRI wording ?'s

Good morning everyone. I'm at 3 months post rear-end MVA, and just seem to be getting worse. My MRI shows various bulges and protrusions in the cervical and thorasic area. I also have mild stenosis C5-6 CAUSED FROMTHE BULGE/PROTRUSION WHICH IS FLATEENING MY VENTRAL CORD. i ALSO HAVE BULGES THAT ATTENUATE MY VENTARL csf. My sac's AP dimension is reduced to 7mm at C5-6 as well. I also have subtle hyperthropic changes at C3-4 with mild hyperthrophy involving the left and more so the right uncoverterbal joint. Does any one know what any of this means? I'm just trying to write down what I don't understand. Also there is mild decreased signal intensity at T3-4,6-7,8-9 which is consistant with desiccation. I also have another small focal right paracentral protrusion which indents the sac and attenuates the subjacent CSF. What does attenuate CSF mean? What does any of this mean? And will this stuff go away with rest and time? Why do I feel I'm getting worse as time goes by? Boy I sound like a 2 year old...why, why why? LOL! Anyway, if anyone has any kind of clue as to what any of this means please feel free! Thanks, Stephanie--PS I've seen a neurosurgeaon who does not recommend surgery and I'm going to a spine center in a few weeks, but just would like some answers as to what I'm looking at.

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