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Re: 3 months after MVA, and MRI wording ?'s

From your message, you indicated that you had mild stenosis. This basically means that the spineal canal where the nerves run through had decreased in size. Think of it like a straw, where the nerves run through the center of the straw. That is getting narrow and if severe enough can put pressure on the nerves causing pain and damage. You say it is mild so that is somewhat positive. You also mention bulges. To my understanding there is a difference between a bulging disc and a herniated disc. A bulging disc is out of alignment to a slight degree. A herniation is more severe. You indicate mild signal intensity was noted. In a normal spine think of it like radio waves. If everything is normal the sound should be at one level. If there are some changes in the discs as to the height of the disc that sound will change indicating some problem but from everything that I see you say they are MILD changes. everyone as we age will have changes within our spine from aging and a degenerative process. Not sure what else to add hope this clarifies things for you to some degree....Hope you have a pain free day soon......Allan