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Haw'n Carl - If you were referring to my post, I take NO offense! I was surprised, and still am, that I still haven't felt my disc! But I have to remind myself of 2 things - other problems still around, and that this "relief" may not ultimately last.

I had to respond to family concerns re: my medication-popping (also known as the "prescription cocktail"). I specifically asked when 1 of them was going to offer to make the daily 3-hour flight up to bash me over the head with a 2x4, b/c that was the only other option I knew of. Needless to say, I think my mom was finally rendered speechless!

Plus, even though the disc pain is still gone, my SI joint and Sciaitica have been BRUTAL the past 2 months!!!!!

Betty - I'm SO SORRY to hear what happened!!! Please let us know that he's okay! Take care, Paige
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