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Re: Should I be worried?

A lot of people seem to have experienced signs of herpes within days or a week of the sexual encounter. I never experienced symptoms until two months down the track.

Please be warned that condoms don't protect you from herpes either. My partner used a condom, but i still ended up with type 2 as it is a skin to skin virus.

It could be possible that you didn't feel well afterwards as maybe you were worrying that you had caught something.

These days sex seems to be a big gamble and i feel unless you get your partner to do and std + herpes test before you have any form of sex, you wont know what they have.

The other thing to take into account with std tests is if you meet a guy, he had sex with a herpes carrier the week/days before meeting you, then gets tested for herpes, there wouldn't have been time for antibodies to build up in his system and the tests could come back negative, but in reality he has it. Then there are the people who have two partners going at the same time on a casual basis. When it's casual nobody seems to ask too many questions and if you are lucky enough, a condom is used, but not very effective against herpes.