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Began Neurontin and doing better

Hi, I began the neurontin for nerve pain (had a crushed nerve from L4/L5 herniation that is taking long time to heal. has microdisectomy July 2004), and wanted to post how it went for anyone curious.

The first pill definitely made me high as a kite. The room was spinning. Now I am up to 3 a day. Right away, the nerve pain calmed down. I do have some breakthrough pain (level 10 stabs) once in awhile but that's all. My big toe still aches and can hurt sometimes.

Otherwise, it has definitely helped the pain. I am not limping near as much. ANd actually sleeping at night. Hurray! NOt waking with stabbing pain. I don't have to lay down every half hour due to pain and got back to the pool today and could do pool walking without any pain. Before taking the neurontin, I was limping so bad I could hardly walk some days. Still have some drop foot, but definitely walking better.

I do notice that I am still a bit dizzy if I walk fast and a bit out of it. Only been taking it a week, maybe that will get better.

For some reason, I want to eat constantly. It's as if the brain doesn't register now that the stomach is full and the feeling is that if I don't eat I'll die. I glanced in the mirror the other day and my eyes looked high as a kite. But I felt okay. Weird.

If I can't get the eating under control I may have to try the Topamax instead. I hope not, because the Neurontin has relieved my pain. There was no way I could continue to live with stabbing level 10 pain on and off all day.

Anyways, wanted to post in case anyone else looking at taking this drug. Memory isn't too good on it, but neither is it any good on the percocet and vicaden, and at least I haven't needed as much percocet now. Unlike some other people, I haven't been tired on the drug, but when I take one an hour before bed, I'm definitely ready to sleep. And that's great because I haven't had a good night's sleep in over a year. Seems to have helped my insomnia too, but I think that was due to constant pain.

I go for another MRI later this month to see if disk re-herniated and is on the nerve again.

As for this neurontin, the doctor said that not only would it relieve the nerve pain but it would keep the nerve from acting hyper, allowing it to heal. Does anyone know anything more about how that works?

Anyhow, thought I'd share if anyone curious.

Blessings to everyone.

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