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Re: Rape

Hi lilsea...i am Lil'Pea! heart aches for you that you suffered such a violent violation. I will pray for you. I have never been raped but I did suffer much sexual abuse as a child. I understand the pain and the fear and how it haunts you. I am currently in counseling and sometimes it helps to just have someone to talk to. I am here anytime!! Have you shared this with many people or is it something that you are trying to keep a secret? If you are like me, I feel like sharing just to get it out and have the support, but at the same time i feel shame. I know that there is nothing to feel shame for, but it just comes out of nowhere. I would like to there a way i can? Many prayers....Lil'Pea

Ps...I also suffer can be hard to cope, but it is always easier if you know you are not alone!

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