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Re: Began Neurontin and doing better

I was presribed Neurontin a few years ago for herniated disks in my neck, but did'nt get much relief so I stopped, now I am happy I did not take much of it.
If you do your research, you will find that Neurontin caused pancreatic cancer in male rats in the lab. When I told my former pain management doctor this information he got very annoyed, and took me into his office and showed me the Physician's Desk Reference. He went on to tell me that he can't know everything about every drug, because there are too many!

He went on to say that he prescribes Neurontin to many of his male patients and now he is concerned about giving it to them. In other worlds, Neurontin is a drug he prescribes regularly, but he does not know about the possible side effects! I never went back to that doctor.

In addition, I read that the drug company that makes neurontin was fined because they paid doctors to push the drug as a pain reliever even though it does not relieve pain because they were not making enough money selling it as an anti-seizure drug.

I have chronic pain syndrrome, and the only drug my doctor will prescribe is Ultram and it doesn't relieve all of my pain, iespecially in the neck where I have heniated disks. I have been on disability for five years and cannot find a doctor in NY who will give me anything stronger.

What states do you people live in that are getting codeine and other stronger pain relievers besides Ultram from your doctor? I can't understand why I have to continue to have a terrible qualtiy of life because I can't get proper pain relief. Maybe I should go out of my state to be treated, because my insurance company told me several of their customers have complained that they can't get proper pain relief in New York,and they told me the reason is
too many people abuse drugs in this state. One of my doctors (neurologist)told me that she was afraid of lawsuits (she was giving me Ultram, and it's
not classified as a narcotic) so she told me she didn't want to treat me any longer, even though I was her patient for almost two years!

It's not only difficult to get the appropriate drugs, it's difficult to find doctors to treat me. I now how to drive one hour from my house to get treated by a pain doctor just to get Ultram! He will suggest any other drugs to take (like anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers) except the drugs that might really work, it's disgraceful.

I was thinking maybe I should get stronger drugs on an on-line pharmacy from Mexico or Switzerland, and still continue to see my doctor for Ultram,
but not tell him about it.

Any suggestions for me would be appreciated, I am near the end of my rope.

Thanks so much!