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Re: sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Hi, I'm new here, too. I posted about this the other day:

I also been dx with an SI joint dysfunction, and my MRI showed I have arthritis in my L4-5. SI joint problems do not show up well on MRI's as I have found out. I am seeing a pain managment doc on Friday. I believe he will be able to inject a dye of some kind which will give an idea of what is going on. He will probably do some steroid injections to help relieve pain from that and the arthritis at some point.

I believe I may have arthritis in the SI joint in addition to the L4-5. Unfortunately, I'm fairly young to have this (44), but it does happen. I don't know if this is something that will always be there as far as the dysfunction, I guess it depends on if there's arthritis involved. I think you can manage the pain, but maybe never cure the problem.

They thought it may be a disc problem since I still have tingling and numbness in my buttocks and leg. I also have alot of sharp, stabbing pains in my joint area. SI joint dysfunction has some of the same symptoms as other back problems. I don't have any apparent problems (like disc herniation, stenosis, compression, etc.) except for the arthritis. Have they done an MRI to check for anything else? Having back pain is certainly not fun, so I can relate!

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