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Re: Should I be worried?

I think you are going to be fine. I understand the urge as well as anybody after a while of not having a steady. It actually seems like I want it more now. I am guessing you had a few drinks before all of this happened, so watch how much you drink. Make sure your will is stronger then the urge. It also sounds like you did some of this because you thought he wanted it.
First of all never forget you have the power in that kind of situation. If you do not want to do that then don't. If he pushes get up and say never mind I am not in the mood anymore. He will change his tune, in his mind it is better to get protected sex than nothing. If he passes to than no loss for you and I would be weary of him anyway. You sound like a very moral girl, go to church find a good guy not some hornball. From one post I can tell you are better than that. Whatever you choose good luck. I will pray for you but I am sure you are fine.