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Re: sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Thanks for the info soaplady! all the doctors I have been too in the last 12 years tell me there is nothing wrong with my back except that i have an extra vertebrae. i have tried chiro and it doesn't help! now my new dr wants me to go to physical therapy and if that doesn't help me they want me to do pain management. i have been in so much pain that is has become chronic cause no one has diagnosed me till last week! she gave me amitriptyline so i can at least sleep and i have the usual pain meds....flexerall and vicodin. i have an appt firday for a bone density test to see if i have osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. if, i am going to be going through all this for the rest of my life then i am going to try and get disability benefits i have missed so much work because of this....i have also been to a bone dr and a neurosurgeon and they have told me that nothing is wrong they make me feel like it is in my head you know? and of course the pain was gone when i seen both of these dr's cause they scheduled the appts so far in a month away! i need the doctor when i am in pain not one month down the road...