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Re: sacroiliac joint dysfunction

I'm sorry this has been so frustrating for you. I totally understand. I am finding out that SI joint dysfunction is very hard to dx. For me, PT alone didn't work. I know I'm going to need some kind of steroid injection to really help with the pain. I had a severe bout of tendonitis 5 years ago in my wrist and joint. The only thing that helped was using ionpherosis (sp--I know I spelled that wrong). Steroids are delivered through the skin using electrical currents which go right to the problem. It's good for problems involving areas like the wrist, elbow, etc. The pain isn't far from the surface. It doesn't work for lower back pain, esp the SI joint (too far into the body).

I received my denial for more PT today in the mail....the ins. co. said I was *95%* better. They said I can treat myself at home. Wonder how they figured that since it didn't say anything like that in the PT report. They almost denied my MRI last week, but the doc's office had to convince them. It's crazy.

I guess they will expect me to deliver my own injections at home, too

Alot of times the docs want to try PT before anything else. I have extremely tight hamstring and back muscles, probably b/c of the joint injury. The muscles and tendons tend to *tighten* up around the injury, acting like a pseudo splint to protect the injury. The exercises are supposed to help you stretch out those muscles and gain strength. And, maybe relieve pain.

I also did modalities such as heat, ice, ultrasound, tens unit. Nothing helped for long, and I haven't had one single day without the pain.....95% better, right!!

My PT was the one who figured out the SI problem, the doc was worthless. He would dictate his notes in front of me BEFORE he told me anything about my test results, or did any eval (which was actually nothing). My PT has been wonderful.

I have also found that there are some days where I do feel better for whatever reason. Then, I think maybe I'm turning a corner. But, it goes right back to the pain. My doc kinda blew me off, but I KNOW what I feel, and I won't stop until I find the doc who will listen to me. I know there's something wrong, just need to find out what it is.

Keep me posted on how you are doing!