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Re: What is NORMAL anyway

My blood pressure is always higher at the doctors office. I had to take readings at home for a week and my readings were normal or in the high normal range 130/85.. It took the doctor almost a year before he put me on Diovan. Now my home readings average 115/75 and no higher than 125/82 at times. I would not rely on readings taken using a machine at the drugstore because most of those machines are not calibrated regularly and are inaccurate. As far as the 132 number scarying you --Why?
That is not a high reading.. I would use a home monitor and you are supposed to relax for 15 minutes seated in a chair with both feet on the floor. I go to the doctor and they seat me with my legs dangling and take it. They don't even follow the guidelines correctly so it is no wonder the readings are always higher . The last nurse that took it did not even let me rest for a few minutes before she took it. I had just climbed two flights of stairs and walked down the hall to the room and she was wrapping the cuff around my arm. I told her that I had just climbed stairs. They are in such a hurry to get you in and out of there.. Did you ask your doctor if he thought you had hypertension? I kept getting high readings for about a year everytime I went to the doctor and my home readings were normal but they put me on medicaton anyway....