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Wink Re: What is NORMAL anyway

He didn't necessarily say I had high blood pressure he just kinda asked me "why is your blood pressure high" to which I replied "because this place makes me nervous". I seriously feel it raising as I'm pulling in the parking lot. My chest gets all blotchy so I know that I'm nervous. It's a head game I play with myself I think. What are the proper procedures anyway? I take mine at home and I if I don't excercise for a while, the top number is in the 130's but if I work out regularly like a good girl the top number is in the 120's. Is there a correlation? My bottom number is always in the high 50's are mid 60's depending if I'm freaking out about it or not. Everyone says stuff about sodium intake but seriously I don't even watch that because I drink 160 0z of water a day (probably too much but it's on my desk at work and it's become a habit). I don't know why my pulse is always in the 60's or 70's..seems low. When I lay on my left side and took it last night, it was 105/49. I thought "this is it...I'm dying!"
Sorry to go on and on...just venting at the frustration at trying to get the number what it is "supposed to be".