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Personal Grooming Question for Chappy

Here's a rather awkward question, directed to ChappyBoy since he's a competitive bodybuilder and he would know such things.

I'm thinking about removing all my body hair at some point in the next few months. I was think about doing it in stages, starting with my legs (a lot of avid cyclists shave their legs, so it wouldn't be THAT much of a stretch to start) to avoid completely freaking myself out.

I'm wondering what the best way to handle "defurring" would be, however... something like Nair, or waxing, or a trimmer and electric razor, or shaving cream and a regular razor?

Also, what do you do about the less visible parts of your body, i.e. the underarms and the butt? Shave those too? How far in "advance" of a competition or photo shoot would the hair removal normally be done? I'm guessing I should do this before I start tanning... but since I'll probably start that four weeks out, how long does the hair removal process usually last before it needs to be "touched up"? Any other advice or tips for a first timer?
from Philly, dude.

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