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Re: Personal Grooming Question for Chappy

My first grooming question! I shave the bulk of the hair with an Oster head razor. This works on the entire body just be VERY careful around areas (how should I say) that are more sensitive then others. After that I use dove soap and a Mach three to remove the remaining. I have tried nair - led to rashes, waxing - Im just not that macho ( how do women do this) and it led to rashes.

You have to shave the underarms and butt- otherwise looks like you are in a mohair speedo! I used to stay shaved year round - now I shave 2-3 months out but, I would start shaving when tanning starts - you will actually tan better. And yes the first day is a little freaky but, you will save time when toweling off after a shower! Plan on shaving 1-2 times per week in the shower.

I do have one horror story of hitting a nipple with the Mach three. Now they come to a point!

As for tanning - try 2-3 coats protan and day of coat of Clinique face bronzer.