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Re: Recovering from an ED....need some help in what is defined as "normal eating"

hi, as someone who strugged with eating problems, i just want to say that i'm really glad you are making the effort to be healthy. i know what you mean, my whole family tends to overeat and then some girls seem to eat remarkably little, so i'm used to either stuffing myself or not eating much of anything. what you're doing (5 small meals a day) sounds good - i hear that's what we're all supposed to do. i'm not a nutritionist, so i frankly don't know whether you should try to eat fatty foods to put on weight - everyone needs fatty acids though. try to eat a lot of whole grains, fruits, carbs in the form of grains, not sweets. what are you snacking on? if you have a health food store around (like we have whole foods stores in san francisco/the real food store/trader joe's), that would be the easier place to go shopping - just about everything in there is good for you. wish i could be of more use. good luck!