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Re: Recovering from an ED....need some help in what is defined as "normal eating"

Hi Piscean- I am in a similar situation as you are. I have been working on gaining weight for a few months now. It's a LOT harder than you think! There will be days when you feel you completely overate (when you probably didn't) and days when you feel like you have already gained 10lbs just from eating normally, and those are the toughest parts of gaining weight. Honestly, most of the time you will need to be eating to the point of being uncomfortable. Not that you have to stuff yourself every single meal, but often you will feel like "ugh - I shouldn't have eaten all that peanut butter" or whatever it was. But that is GOOD. It's amazing how skewed your vision of "normal" probably is now after having an eating disorder for how long?

I am eating a lot differently now than I was, say, in November. Not only am I eating more, I am eating more fat, more carbs...lots of things I used to be scared of. And I STILL haven't even put on enough weight! The body is an incredible machine and adapts itself very easily so trust it to even out and to tell you when it needs things. If you crave a piece of steak, eat it. If you crave chocolate, eat it. If you crave peanut butter, eat it. This is your grace period and your body is going to be wanting a lot of things it's been needing for a long time. "Normal" is very different for every person so try not to compare your meals or your cravings to anyone else- it will only make things worse! TRUST ME. Good luck and if you ever have any other questions, ask away!