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Question "If you cant eat anything good....

a) .......Don't eat anything & wait untill you can have ur next planned meal"
b) .......find the next best thing"
c) .......just eat anything, your bulking for heavens sake!"

So.... You have your bulking diet sorted. You know what every meal will be & when . But then disaster strikes and for some reason you find yourself unable to stick to this diet.

You have a couple of choices. You can either not eat and loose out on vital calories / protein etc. Or you can try to find something to fill it's place which will most probably not be up to the standard of your diet.

I understand that your answer to this may vary from person to person & diet to diet. But as a general rule do you think a, b, c or....

d) .......Your a fool as you obviously haven't planned your diet very well!


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