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How do I maintain what I've accomplished?

Hi everyone! Iíve posted here before and appreciate all the responses. I have another question. Today was my weigh in and measurement day with my trainer. I usually dread these days. We try to weigh in and measure at least once a month, but with my busy schedule sometimes itís hard. For those of you who remember where I startedÖ.18 months ago I gained weight from having knee surgery. Had 39% body fat, 87 lbs lean mass and 55 lbs fat mass. As of today, I am pleased to say Iím at 25% body fat, 99 lbs lean mass and 36 lbs fat mass (weigh 135), also 35 yr and 5í 5Ē (female). And I thought I was stuck in a plateau last time I posted, but was actually doing ok. Well, I want to do better. Iím happy that I can fit back into my size 6 jeans and be able to breathe so, Iíd like to know how do I maintain what Iíve accomplished. Can I have more than 1 ďcheat" day without feeling guilty? Do I need to eat more or less? Do I continue with my regular resistance training 3x/week with cardio 4-5x/week or can I give up a day? Or should I just keep doing what I am doing? Very frustrating. I'm not going for the body builder look, just nice, lean shape with definition. I did find out that my Resting Metabolic Rate is 1520 (breathing test) and I'm eating 1700-1800 calories/day with good eating habits and just added more protein last week. I didn't realize that I wasn't getting enough of it. My trainer and I will discuss all this next week in more detail, but I wanted to get a few opinions for you guys before I see him.

Thanks so much!

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