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Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?

Hi Frustrated35, first congrats on your new fat/weight loss. I've been following you because we are about the same age, height and now with your new loss, weight. I would have to agree that the eating changes we make to get in shape are not a temporary fix, its a lifestyle change. My philosophy is stick with what is working. If I am losing weight/bodyfat doing a certain diet and exercise program I don't touch it ever. That doesn't mean I won't have an occasional cheat meal or birthday cake.

To answer your BMR question that is how many calories you burn if you were to do nothing all day. Its the amount of calories your body burns doing its normal things, like your heart pumping, etc. Anything you do beyond that burns more so at a minimum because you exercise you should never eat below 1520. So I think 1700-1800 calorie diet is good. I wish my BMR was as high as yours, haven't had it checked in a while so maybe it is. Anyway, please keep us posted on any further progress, your progress really motivates the rest of us.