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Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?

Thanks so much bluehen! How are you and the babies today?? I don't have the priviledge of having kids, yet, but do have 2 dogs who I call my boys. They are monsters at times. One Golden Retreiver and one Yellow Lab.

I have accepted the eating habits as a lifestyle change, but I don't want to second guess everytime...should I be eating this instead of that? I've come along way changing the way I eat the past few months because in the past there were times that I would skip meals because I wasn't hungry. Now I try and eat something when it is time to eat.

My work out buddy and I did cardio tonight (45 min elliptical boosting up the resistance from a 6 to an 8). That was a test since my knee use to start popping at 7 so I just stuck with the 6. Knowing I needed to change something, I took a chance. No problems and did manage to go the full 45 min on that level. Maybe I had extra energy since I knew my trainer was watching. He's good about keeping an eye on me even when we are not training together. We've definitely built a strong friendship/bond. He knows he's losing me soon, but is very happy with my progress. Anyway, the knee is a little stiff/sore, but I'm icing as I type.

I hated doing that breathing test. The first try it failed or I guess I failed. I had a little panic attack since my nose was clamped and was forced to breathe through my mouth. But, the 2nd time it took and my trainer was impressed with the 1520. Before he changed my diet, I was barely taking in 1300 calories, but still managed to lose body fat and gain lean muscle, but didn't lose much weight. I'm sure by adding more calories the past month was what I needed. And now since I just added more protein I'm sure I can get there. There is one big job. I'm in sales. I have been fortunate that I haven't had to travel much in March, but April is brutal! I'm gone every week. That means I'll be eating out and entertaining. Lots of temptations! Martini's....big weakness, but I did give that up for lent and haven't missed it so maybe it's not such a big temptation afterall. But I will have to start suggesting healthier places to eat. Any suggestions? This past week I've did take my buyer to Black Eyed Pea and I had the Salmon which comes with Rice and a salad (ranch on the side, no croutons or cheese) and I even skipped on the rolls! Do you think that meal is a lot of calories or bad? If so, I can add that to my meal plan once a week. I love it. I've love your input on what I'm eating and will post it next. Any suggestions from you and anyone else I welcomed! Thanks again!