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Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?

The whole world changes when you have kids, your life, body, etc become unrecognizable, but you realize right away its worth it and losing the once flat stomach you had was worth it.

I always plan my day of eating every morning, I keep a food diary on my computer that records, when I eat, calories, fat prot, carbs so I can keep it all in check. I don't vary much day to day so its not too difficult to plan. I don't get out too much with the twins so eating out is not a big issue for me. The food diary makes me accountable for everything I eat. Once in a while I get a day where we are going to a relative's house for the day and I don't bother. I'm just thrilled enough if there is actually anything healthy to eat there since my husband's family eat like crap. Salmon is very healthy, I would add that to your diet at least once a week. Just watch the portion side, 3 oz cooked is plenty, I buy the individually wrapped portions frozen and defrost 1 at a time as needed. I also go for lean turkey burgers, chicken breast occasionally, salmon, scallops, shrimps, mostly with a vegetable stir fry for dinner. Lunch for me is usually salad, or an omelet with fruit, canned tuna. I'll snack on atkins advantage bars (I know there are better choices than that), cottage cheese occasionally, microwave popcorn, nuts. I'm more of a 6-8 meal grazer because the kids don't give me much meal prep time. I'm usually a clean eater my downfalls are diet soda, not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep ever (nothing to do about that), and eating dinner late due to kids.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Please be so careful on those knees, I can't emphasize that enough.