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Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?

I would love to have kids someday, but need to find the man first! I'm having problems finding and keeping one that likes the "career woman". MEN! I love that commercial where the girl is working out for "her" and no one else. VERY powerful meaning. I would think that having kids would definitely be worth it and I'm sure you are a great new mommy! I hope you have help! I don't know how I could manage twins, planning meals, working out etc...

Keeping a food diary is exactly what I do, but I just record my calories. My trainer has been on me for a while to do this and I just started Feb 15. Hmmm...same day I started this meal plan and saw results yesterday. Great reason to continue the diary. I'm with you on quick meals. Not because I have twins(I don't), I'm just lazy and a bad cook. I try. Sometimes it's just easier to eat out, but I will watch the portion size. Best to cut everything in half when the meal comes and get a to go box immediately. When I do eat out when in town, it's often Black Eyed Pea, Luby's, Chik 'fil let (spelling) and Wendy's. I like they have the option of fruit now! When's hard! Everyone likes Steaks and Mexican Food(another weakness) or just junk food at one of the sports bars. Can you tell my buyers are all men?

I did finally cut out the diet soda, I have felt a difference. It was hard and I might have "1" if I'm traveling, but I don't buy them at the grocery store anymore. Out of site...out of mind. OHHH is that Dr Phil? I like him too. The sodium makes me retain so much water and I retain enough as it is. I get my caffeine from the tea. But you might need the extra caffeine especially when you start running after the twins! Does that count as a cardio workout? I'm sure you're not getting much sleep with the babies, so you'll have to be patient and remember that is out of your control, for now. I liked your stir fry for dinner. I was running out of options and didn't want to eat chicken every night. Boring! Thanks again!

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