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neurological problems

Wondering if anybody else has something similar to my weird neurological stuff happen to them.

In what appears to be 2 different "outbreaks" (I've not been diagnosed yet, awaiting blood work), I have had meningitis-like headaches and nausea along with vaginal pain, red pimples on my torso, etc. The second outbreak, and then last night (the 3rd?), I just get a bad headache at the base of my head where it meets my neck, and I can't fall asleep because the minute I do, some body part twitches! Throughout the night as I'm trying to fall asleep, the minute I start to cross over into sleep one body part will twitch, and it can be diff. body parts - one time my foot, next time my jaw, next time my hand, etc...

Additionally, my vaginal pain and foot pain will gradually start to come back (which has been my problem, or "outbreaks", since exposure)'s so weird! I tried to do some leg exercises last night I hadn't done in a long time, and I couldn't get through them! In the past, they would have been easy. My legs were weak...I thought that odd, and then soon after the headache started and the twitching started. Looking back, I believe my last "outbreak" was triggered by an exhausting work out at the gym. I don't believe it's related to pulling anything or stressing anything, because the gynocological (possibly herpes related) symptoms appear with it every time...

Since exposure, really weird things have been happening to my body that have never happened before. Foot pain, these horrible headaches, twitching, etc...anybody else experience these type of things?

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