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Re: neurological problems

Don't freak out, cause you aren't the only one to be experiencing neurological problems since getting herpes. There is another thread about this. But ever since I got infected with herpes, I get the same random muscle twitches all over my body (legs mostly, feet, arms, face, name it). Sometimes you can actually see the muscle twitch, other times you can just feel it. I actually went to a neurologist at one point and had MRIs, CT Scans, nerve conduction, and other tests because they thought I might have gotten Multiple Sclerosis or ALS or some neurological disease. Apparently, everything came back normal at the time, so they told me that herpes is a nerve disease, and in some cases, can cause damage to the nerves or cause them to malfunction. Anyway...these weird things are probably being caused by the virus, cause the same thing has happened to me (and others).

Basically overnight, ever since I got herpes...i went from being 100% healthy without a single problem, to having all kinds of neurological problems (twitching, leg pain, muscle fatigue, constant itchiness/sensitivity down my legs, etc). I wish herpes was just an occassional outbreak of bumps or blisters...but these neurological problems it has caused me have been really tough to deal with. I don't know if they are permanent or what, but I have been having twitching for practically 24 hours/day...for the past 2 years since infection. Some days its worth than others, but they are always there. I hope it goes away some day cause its really really bothersome and depressing for me.

Good luck.

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