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How do I have herpes and he doesn't?

Ok, Heres my story - I started dating a guy I had known for about 3 years - nice guy, good guy etc. WELL we became sexually active and after about 2 months I started to have this burning, itchin and then eventually sores, so I called the doctor and went straight there. She had said it looked like herpes and that she would give me valtrex and to take lysine and that she would send the test out just to make sure and would let me know, we also did a blood test. Well the test came back as herpes i think 1 (the kind found in the mouth usually) but the blood test came back negative. I told my partner and he felt awful and at the time I was so mad, I had always been so careful and he messed it all up. HOWEVER he got tested and it was negative and then got tested 2 more times and still negative? How is this possible, I asked the doctor and she said that she had seen this once before but had no explaination. She said if he was the only one I had been with for a long time then it would definatly be from him since the blood work came back negative which would mean that I just got it. Does anyone know anything about this!?! Help!!

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