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Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?

Oh yes, the man is important, I was lucky enough to find my guy in college many years ago and we've been together ever since. That's funny that you say men don't like the "career woman" . I never liked working and my husband was always like you will work, even though financially I never needed too. Now that I have my kids I am a stay at home mom, which is more work than any 2 jobs together. I don't know if I'm a great mommy, but I try my hardest and try not to lose my mind. I manage to fit exercise in with them. I get on my bike when they take their morning naps, weights at night when my husband gets home from work or on weekends at the gym, cooking, cleaning during their afternoon nap, its crazy, but I refused to be one of those people who let their body go because they had kids and claim to have no time. That's just not me.

A little husband used to complain that we can't ever go anywhere "fun" to eat because of my strict diets, but I tell him we can go anywhere he wants. At any restaurant these days you can get a salad, or a nice piece of fish. I always instruct, dressing on the side, no sauces or butter on my food, it embarasses my husband, but too bad. There is no reason to sacrifice your diet because of your diet.

So are you just drinking water since you cut the diet soda? I also like drinking green tea, but a definitive sweetener is needed for that, so I use Stevia which is a real acquired taste.

I don't get ANY sleep by the way, which is bad for weight loss. Well, I do get sleep, but not more than 4 hrs in a row, somebody always gets up crying for whatever reason. I've learned to function on little sleep and not let that be an excuse to not exercise or else I would never exercise. Keep up your good work, its really going to pay off for summer. I am so close to getting back in my small shorts I wore 3 years ago, I think if I keep things up they may fit by June.