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Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?

You do have a full time job! If I ever get married and have kids, not sure if I'll continue to work or not. Haven't really thought about it since I don't have too.

Sounds like you guys have a perfect routine set to get in your workout and I agree, I wouldn't let myself go either. I just can't do it! I'm not saying that everytime I leave the house I have to wear make up and have my hair done. That's what baseball caps and lip gloss are for! I can get by with that.

I'm a mess when ordering out. Like you said....dressing on the side, no croutons or cheese, water with lemon & a straw and my favorite is that prepared and cooked? And do you have a nutrition write up on this meal? They probably spit in my dinner! If I'm on a date, I'm sure that's embarrassing, but I really don't care. Guess that might come off as being high maintenance thinking like a guy. Again, oh well!

I drink tons of water. I buy the bottled water from Sam's (48 ct) and that might last 2 weeks if I'm lucky. I also travel a lot and get that dehydrated feeling from the airplane. Sometimes I'll drink Green Tea at night (hot), but I haven't put any sweetener in it. I'm not sure what about Stevia. Is it like equal? I use to drink a little cool aid and tang and I remember you getting on me about that after I looked at the sugar! UG! No wonder it was so good. It's all thrown out.

My friend's son is with me today since everyone is off work and school. She's my hairdresser and didn't have today off, so I'm helping out. He will come visit every once in a while. He's a cutie! I took him to see Robots and did have a diet coke. I've been making sun tea and love it. I'm not sure what else to drink since everything is loaded with either calories or sugar.

Well, we've had a full day and need some down time. Gym this morning, lunch (he voted for McDonalds, but I persuaded him to go to chickfila - grilled ckn sandwich, fruit cup and water...I did well) and then the movie. I'm exhausted! I don't know where mommies get their strength. I always hear that you should sleep with the babies sleep, but I don't understand how everything will get done. Who does the chores? I would do the same as you are doing right now and to be able to do all that you must be SuperMom! Keep it going!! Talk to you soon!