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Re: Doc says u need op... but u decide which one?!!


If the doc tells me to pick which surgery, I know I'd be out looking for someone who is a better expert. If you've read the boards you know that constantly recommend to people that whether they see an ortho or neuro surgeons that they choose one who is a spine specialist versus a neuro or ortho surgeon that works on arms, legs, etc. My spine doc does only spines and has so for more than 15 years.

Anyway, when any surgery is recommended I feel it is wise to seek at least two opinions, even if I like my doc. You know, there are so many ways of doing things and so many good people in every field, I want to know if I'm choosing the best option for me.

Also, when you see a spine specialist you may wish to ask about the artificial disc replacements which are being done instead of fusion. Maybe it is a possibility and maybe not, but a spine specialist will be up on the ADR and can tell you.

Best wishes and hope you let us know how things are going.