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testosterone level

Hello I am new to this so forgive the mistakes. I was wondering if anyone out there has had a drop in their testerone level because of chronic pain or the medication they are on. I am going to a gland specialist for this and he did all the tests.(cat scan, mri.) All he found was a cerebral venus angioma. I went to two nerosurgeons who said I was born with it and don't worry about it. So I go back to my gland specialist and asked him my testosterone level dropped and he said it could be the hydrocodone I take. My pain management doc said that he saw a study that said 10% of all males who are in chronic pain have a drop in their testosterone level. I have had a lumbar lamy L5-S1, disctectomy L5-S1 because of reherniation and a fusion with hardware L5-S1 plus DDD, stenosis, bone spurs and mega scar tissue. Any help would be appreciated. TINCAN

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