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Thinning Hair At 22...Help

All my life, I have had really fine hair...I've noticed in the last year or two, the front of the crown has become really thin and receding a bit...It hasnt gotten that bad yet, but I know in the next year or so, it will probably be really noticeable...Fine and thin hair runs in both sides of my family...I know my grandpa and a few uncles on my dads side are and were bald..On my moms side my uncles and grandpa have thin hair and have receded, but not completely bald...I'm only 22 and this is taking over my life, if only my hair can stay like this for another 10 years, then I would be happy!

Anybody have any advice or experience on products, or vitamins, or what not??? I'm thinking about scheduling an appt. with my dermotologist soon...b/c I hear its good to start taking care of it when you first notice thinning or what not...Is it also true that stress can cause this??? I've been through sooo much stress in the last 2-3 years its unreal. Any replies would be greatly appreciated...Thank you and take care!

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