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Re: methylprednisone, epidural blocks & fusion?????


I truly cannot imagine what you have been through, especially the last surgery with 10 fusions and now 2 rods and 18 screws. Holy, you must have one very long incision scar on your back and that had to have hurt tremendously after your surgery. I am sorry, I don't know your history, did you have DDD that caused you to have to have all these fusions? How long has it been since that surgery and how are you doing? I hope you are doing well and not in any pain anymore.

>>>Back in the 70's, which really wasn't that long ago, I was young and didn't know I had the right to demand info from doctors. Mostly, we held physicians as higher beings and didn't ask more than they were willing to let us know. Thankfully that has changed and we now know that we can and should know more, being proactive in our own care. >>>

We must be close in age. I could say the very same thing. I could even write a book on my experiences, starting in the 70's until now and how things have changed, thank goodness. Back then I was too afraid to ask any quesitons for fear the doctor would think I didn't trust him. And when I needed to ask questions, I made myself memorize them because I was sure if I pulled out a list he would be really mad at me.

Now I don't go to an appt without my list. And I don't go to doctors who don't spend the time to fully answer my questions and explain everything to me. I have learned there are some bad doctors out there and I don't have to be their patient. There are plenty of good doctors out there too and I now know I don't have to settle for the bad ones. Boy do I wish I had know then what I know now. I am a much better advocate for myself.

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