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Re: How do you know if a Fusion is taking?

I always say this so sorry for the repeat Fuse like fine strands of hair taking up to a year to fully fuse a regular X ray can show or not show if fusing is going on. I always say be careful because even a slight move can break some of the new strands and cause bleeding thus having to re fuse the little strands. I know with mine I have metal cages and such so for a regular Xray my doc has said it can block some of the view and what not..

If you have no pain that is a great thing as it shows you are healing and possibly they got the right part fixed back surgery is a crap shot at best only because of the other problems that can arise from the up and lower lvl's.

Keep your head up and do as your body and Doc say to do so. Sounds like it is going very well Hugs to you