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Re: Thinning Hair At 22...Help

I hear you. I had long hair for a while until I noticed my hairline receding. It's been receding for about a while now and it's starting to become noticeable. It still looks good like it is, but who knows how it's gonna change.

My dad didn't start losing hair from the back until his early 30's, so with all luck hopefully I won't until then either....I really don't mind where it's at right looks mature and I like it...but if it goes much further back I'll start to freak.

Personally i've been through TONS of stress. And I've probably put more stress on myself than I should. I also have severe anxiety issues which creates many stressful situations.

I also like to drink alot, though I've heard that really isn't directly related to hairloss...

I'm reading a book now on it and it's giving me these scalp exercises to do. Scalp massages to increase blood flow to the scalp twice a day.

Drink atleast 2 liters of water a day, that flushes your system out. Eat lots of greens and stuff. Try to eat as healthy as you can, and definitely exercise. I would say exercise moderately 3 times a week.

Other than that I can't offer a whole lot of advice. I'm almost 21 and I completely feel your pain. It's TRAUMATIZING when you first start seeing that receding hairline. It's really damaging to your psyche. But I'm starting to get more used to it now and I'm not so focused on it. Sometimes it still gets to me, but not as much. You're still the person you always were with or without your hair. I know that probably doesn't help much, but it is just's not everything.