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Re: Few Questions from a Newbie

Originally Posted by gschwendt
1.) As stated, Im looking to lose a small amount of weight. Right now my diet is quite sad, typically fast food for lunch and 2-3 times a week for dinner. My new gameplan is to simply only eat one large meal per day. Essentially keep my fast food diet, because its something I can stick to. Since portions are more than large enough, just simply eat the one meal and small snacks throughout the rest of the day/evening. My question is how much damage will this do to me in the near and longterm future.
Fast food = fat. Fast food is probably the second worst thing you can ingest if you're looking to lose weight. The first being pop (or soda, for those of you outside of Minnesota/Canada). Fast food is fatty, full of cholesterol, and just plain bad for you. Not that I'm judging, as just talking about it makes me want to run down to Mickey D's.

I've been off of fast food for almost a year now, and it's done wonders.

The first thing you NEED to do in order to prep your body for weight loss is eat breakfast. Breakfast is, seriously, the most important meal of the day. It will get your metabolism running. Eat something small, if you must, but you must eat something. It gets the stomach running first thing in the morning.

If you're able to maintain your weight with fast food, I suggest, for a couple of months, restricting your fast food diet. You'll be able to burn off the weight and go back to your old routine when you're happy.

2.) Do Diet Sodas have any ill effects. Again, my diet is poor, but I do drink several (3-4) sodas per day. About 3 months ago I went strictly to Diet Sodas; Diet Mt Dew Code Red, Diet Chery Coke, Diet Rootbeer, Diet Dr. Pepper, all lacking the typical diet aftertaste. Again, would drinking these, especially considering the amount, have any ill-effects on me.
Yes, even diet pop is bad for you. It can turn into formaldehyde when heated up. It does a number on your brain, as well. Nothing lethal, but if you want to remain at top mental condition, you'll need to drop it.

I suggest getting used to juices. I love juice. I used to drink a lot of pop (I love Pepsi), but when I needed to lose a lot of weight, I dropped the pop and never looked back. I don't even need it, at all, anymore, and I love my new diet.

3.) My final question is regarding my workout. As stated, I workout 2-3 times a week, mostly weight training. Originally I started my workout doing 100 reps chest press broken down into 3 sets of 10 100 lb reps (30) and 3 more sets of 23 at 80, 70, and 60lbs.
My new gameplan is to actually do more reps at a much lower weight. I am wondering if a routine of 5 sets of 50 at 50lbs might not be better suited. My desired result are long/lean muscles rather than large bulk. Ive never worked with a trainer so I dont have any true given knowledge, just from my own personal research and "word-of-mouth" information.

I hope I didnt step too much across the line of being an annoying newbie. Im sure 90% of new people ask one question and then go away but just wonderng if the knowledgable people out there cant give me a bit of assistance.
Bingo. Lower weights means you'll be working the muscle versus building it. Go for longer periods of time with lower weight, and you'll tone instead of destroy (and rebuild).

Good luck with everything. Just take 'er easy, set your mind up for the long run, and go with it.