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Re: louiseb, a question for you...and anyone else who knows.

hi! dont know if i can be of much help but i will try....
when i was diagnosed the gyne only gave me clomid in the hope that it would kick start my body, it didnt. my ex hubby was away alot so all in all it took about 12 -18 months, dont get dispondant that was a few yrars ago now and as im ttc again and still no af new gyne put me on provera then clomid. I didnt ov last month but amjust waiting for af to arrive so can start again. it takes different times with each person so dont worry if it doesnt work 1st time. what dose are you on? (by the way after 8 yrs of dianette gp/gyne say i may not have pcos??but have read up about it lots if you need any more help!) hope i have helped in some way, good luck and let me know how you get on