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Re: Anyone have more than one outbreak with genital hsv-1?


I have genital HSV1 and got three outbreaks close together when I first contracted it, but nothing since (that was eighteen months ago). As the above poster says, yes you can pass it genitally to genitally although this should be rarer than passing it from the mouth to the genitals.

Previous HSV1 infections may protect you up to a point, but not 100%. I know because I have had oral herpes since I was a child, and I still got it genitally. I was ill at the time (although I didn't know it until later....) and also I was exposed to an ACTIVE sore. Had it just been asymptomatic shedding (a lower level of the virus than an active sore), my antibodies may well have protected me. I knew active sores were dangerous but I had oral sex with someone when I was kind of drunk and I didn't notice the sore etc, nothing to be proud of I know but there you are!

Your experience of no OBs after the first one is very common with genital HSV1,. 70% of people have the same experience, as do most people with oral HSV1.

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